The INNOVISART Research, Development, Innovation and Technology Transfer Center of the “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași is a unit of scientific research, technological development, innovation and technology transfer (acronym: RDITT) which operates within the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design (FVAD) of the National University of Arts “George Enescu” in Iasi (UNAGE Iasi).

Mission and vision

INNOVISART provides organizational support necessary to capitalize on the human and knowledge potential existing in FVAD and UNAGE Iași, through research, development, innovation and technology transfer activities, in specific areas of interest. Given the mission assumed by UNAGE Iași to be an important factor in regional, national and international context, INNOVISART involves its own specialists, as well as collaborators, in addressing the challenges that the society conveys to the higher university area. INNOVISART contributes, as a component part of the institutional system, to the progress, at the level of excellence, of the scientific research, artistic research, development, innovation and technological transfer activities carried out within UNAGE Iași, in accordance with its internal regulations.

INNOVISART’s vision imposes on society the existing multivalent potential in the field of artistic research as a viable solution to complex problems that manifest themselves in the contemporary world. INNOVISART, through its activity, contributes to the integration of UNAGE Iași in the research and creation ecosystem defined by the national, European and international institutions, contributes to the implementation of national and European strategies for research – development – innovation – technological transfer.

General purpose and Objectives

INNOVISART is a research unit oriented mainly towards applied research and its capitalization through development, innovation, technology transfer. INNOVISART also performs fundamental research, necessary to define, research, design products that will be developed and implemented as an application.

The purpose of establishing INNOVISART is to enhance the human potential, knowledge and professional skills of members of the UNAGE Iasi academic community, in the context of belonging to an artistic higher education institution, as well as the widest horizon, namely  belonging to local, regional communities, national and international level, aiming to address the societal challenges expressed by these communities.

Priority areas of research-development-innovation

Priority areas of research-development-innovation Approaching the priority use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in applications with didactic profile or media communication, in order to provide innovative solutions, aligned to the current state of knowledge, is the main foundational platform of CCDITT INNOVISART. CCDITT INNOVISART studies the relationship of ICT with the specific spheres of manifestation at the level of UNAGE (theory and artistic production, research through art, etc.) and is concerned in order to capitalize on the offer of RDITT


  • Enhancing of research and development skills among teachers and students.
  • Operationalization of fundamental and applied research projects, realization of products belonging to the fields of interest for research-development-innovation and ensuring the technological transfer to interested entities.
  • Ensuring the quality of RDITT activities.
  • Promoting the results of the research activity.
  • Obtaining information on research strategies developed at national, European and international level by entities involved in regulation and funding, as well as on research funding opportunities.
  • Facilitating cooperation between internal research – development – innovation structures and external partners (beneficiaries or developers of technological solutions, universities, schools, productive entities, private or public law organizations, public authorities).
  • Organizing scientific and promotional events, awareness of the current stage of technological development in the field of interest of INNOVISART.


  • Capitalizing on the results obtained in the research activity within INNOVISART, through publication, assistance, counselling, technology transfer.
  • Investigating the existing research-development-innovation demand on the profile market.
  • Elaboration, development of RDITT projects, in relation to entities belonging to the sphere of interest of INNOVISART.
  • Collaborations and partnerships at national and international levels, integration in international networks and programs with similar profile.
  • Engaging small and medium enterprises, production entities, to nationally or internationally funded programs.
  • Supporting steps and initiatives (public and private) to adapt curricula to current requirements regarding the involvement of existing technologies at national and international level.
  • Improving the access of Romanian companies to information facilities and specialized scientific assistance.
  • Capitalizing on the results of research papers by editing and disseminating information bulletins and document summaries, good practice guides and other scientific publications.
  • Participating in the implementation of research-development-innovation programs and grant programs of government structures, or of national and international institutions, as well as other funding entities.